Manage and keep track of your projects with PIMS

As part of our vision to provide an exceptional customer experience, our services includes a completely paperless and efficient iPad-based solution called the Patriot Industrial Management System (PIMS).

PIMS is developed by Patriot and provides our clients with efficient and transparent information about their industrial waste management systems, allowing them to get on with the task at hand. This is an industry leading solution that is available exclusively from Patriot, with no other competitors offering the capabilities and potential applications of the PIMS system.

PIMS (Patriot Industrial Management System) provides:

  • Electronic Job Confirmations Includes GPS locations, start and finish times and quantity data
  • Invoice Access Online Includes the option to select multiple or individual site invoices
  • User ability to click on each job code (appears on invoice) Provides a copy of a job confirmation and waste disposal ticket signed by the site manager
  • Invoice Format Flexible format to match your companies requirements/standards/formatting
  • Environmental Reporting (Graphed & Detailed Volumes) Documents sites and liquid wastes collected
  • Key HSE Indicators Tailored to comply with your companies HSE Reporting format requirements

This innovative system provides complete transparency of Patriot's operations, with documented travel and site times, flexible invoicing and environmental reporting formats in order to meet your company requirements.

Additional advantages are:

  • Daily Vehicle Pre-starts Completed and emailed directly to Mechanical and Operation Managers
  • Site Take 5 Performed daily electronically
  • JSEA's, SWMS and Risk Assessments The ability to provide risk assessments by email
  • Site Specific SWMS Emailed direct to unit from HSEQ department

The Patriot Industrial Management System is guaranteed to increase efficiency and speed to your total industrial management needs!

Looking for more? See our Total Waste Management solutions, or contact us to see how Patriot Environmental can streamline your industrial waste management system.



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