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We Care About Our Staff's Health & Safety

Patriot Environmental is committed to safe and efficient operation of its people, heavy vehicle fleet, equipment, and waste management activities. Our primary objective is to prevent all accidents, injuries, and occupational illness.

In order to promote a safe and positive workplace, we have set measurable targets in order to assess progress and performance. Our targets promote continuous improvement with the aim of eliminating work related injury and illness, ensuring compliance with all applicable international standards, legislation and client requirements.

We Believe That Health, Safety and Environment is the Responsibility of Every Worker

It begins with each of us through the decisions we make, the actions we demonstrate, and our behavioural attitude we display each and every day. The considerations we give to one another are the same considerations we give to all customers, contractors, volunteers or visitors we work alongside.

We understand that HSE systems, felt leadership and engagement is the glue for achieving great results. We recognise that we have a responsibility to work collectively with our people, clients and our communities, and our efforts will reflect our dedication to this.

We Teach Risk Intelligence

We are constantly challenging our staff to think, and behave, in a manner that far exceeds the standard Take 5 method of risk assessment. Our aim whilst working on every project is to go beyond the 'tick & flick' approach and ensure that every staff member...
  • Stops to slow down the mind and analyse whilst observing the area and thinking about the job at hand. This helps surface to the forefront of mind risk management steps we need to put in place to tackle risk, as well as discovering new or hidden risks not seen when working in autopilot.
  • Reads their work instructions and challenges the existing controls to prove them wrong (entertaining doubt to ensure risk management steps are strong).
  • Work as a team and discuss the task activities with other workers prior to starting. This is extremely important, as we all see the world so differently. This collective approach certainly helps those involved to learn and become more 'risk intelligent'.


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