On-Site Liquid Storage Solutions

Over the years ISO Tanks have gained increasing acceptance as the safest, most efficient, price-effective and environmentally friendly way to store bulk slurries, drill muds and liquids. Patriot keeps the client's satisfaction in mind when providing all on-site storage solutions.

Patriot Environmental Management is fully equipped and able to supply On Site Non Destructive Digging (NDD) Waste Slurry Holding Bins. Patriot has the capability to supply 20,000L ISO tanks and 35,000L slurry tanks to store both clean and dirty waters on-site. With quick and deployment and set up, our on-site storage solutions offer the following qualities:

  • Clean, legal and safe on-site storage of wastes
  • Visual evidence of your environmental mindfulness
  • Increased production through limited downtime

During NDD operations vacuum trucks discharge their NDD waste into the holding bin. The vacuum truck simply backs up to holding bin, connect and discharge all waste directly into the storage unit. Patriot's storage bins are specially designed for ease of use, improved operational efficiency and to safely and efficiently store a range of waste materials.

When NDD waste holding bin is at capacity, Patriot utilises large semi tankers (20,000L capacity) to empty the waste holding bin and transport it to an approved waste facility. This allows the NDD vacuum trucks to remain on site and continue NDD operations, increasing efficiency.

Our innovative service design allows projects to improve productivity, utilisation, downtime, and reduce overall waste transportation costs.

  • Bins have 15m3 holding capacity
  • Bins have sealed lockable lids
  • Platform for operators to assist with discharge and cleaning processes
  • Bins are specially designed for easy positioning and removal by hook truck
  • Small footprint on-site
  • Quick and easy set up on-site
  • Reduce transport costs
  • Improves vacuum truck utilisation on site
  • Eliminates numerous truck movements off site to a waste disposal facility
  • Eliminates downtime and costs of trucks in transit to and from waste disposal facility
  • Eliminates un-necessary queuing and waiting to discharge at the waste disposal facility
  • During night shift, eliminates the need and high costs of having the waste disposal facility remaining open after-hours
  • Maximises hourly and daily NDD productivity on site
  • Eliminates digging of on-site storage ponds

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