Road & Rail

Patriot Environmental Management has both the diversity in our modern truck fleet as well as the critical mass to service the rail and roads sectors for all non-destructive digging, spoil waste transport and disposal projects.


Patriot has extensive experience working with construction clients from the planning through to the execution of projects. We can assist with a range of services from detecting underground services to total waste management.

Tunnelling & Drilling

Patriot works on tunnelling projects ranging from utility pipelines to rail and car tunnels. We have support services for all tunnel processes, such as; slurry shield, earth pressure balance and open-shield methods.

Oil & Gas

Patriot provides a range of industrial services, managing many waste types and by-products created by upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas activities. Our focus is to provide services safely enabling customers to resume operation as quickly as possible or to maintain productivity with minimised interruption.


Patriot understands the mining industry, and the importance of managing safety requirements, while maximising production schedules. We have the experience, resources and capabilities to provide a industrial services, with a focus on quality, safety and efficiency.

Environmental Solutions

Patriot is a market-leading environmental management company, offering full-cycle solutions for total liquid and solid waste streams. Patriot offers solutions focussed on providing a cost-effective result for our growing client base, whilst adhering to strict regulatory waste elimination and re-use principles.



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