Industry Specialists in Mining

Patriot Environmental Management understands the mining industry and the importance of environmental management. We know the importance of managing safety and the rigorous requirements of maximising production schedules. We have the experience, resources and capabilities to provide a wide range of industrial mining services with a focus on quality, safety and efficiency. Our Australia-wide services include:

  • Vacuum loading
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Drill rig support
  • Camp support- delivering potable water in and removing all wastes out
  • Sludge removal or treatment
  • Waste oil management
  • Spill response and clean up

Patriot can also cater for all types of waste streams, including collection and disposal of drill muds, concrete slurries, oily water, waste oil, hydrocarbon contaminated waste, sludges and other byproducts created in most mining processes.

Our clients can always count on us for hassle-free environmental and waste management solutions.

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