Drain Cleaning & CCTV Pipe Inspections

Patriot Environmental Management provides Drain Cleaning & CCTV services to our clients using state-of-the-art equipment.

The revolutionary Recycler Combination Units keep in line with our innovative traditions. Traditional Water Jetting combo units cannot compare to our high quality, German equipment. The Recycler Combination Unit offers water jetting and vacuum recovery for drain, sewer, culvert and industrial cleaning but also are capable of recycling its own waste to create its own water supply source.

These Water Jetting Combo units are able to remove a range of materials and waste debris from sewers and drains, including oily waste, dirty ballast, sludge, sewage, tree roots, debris, sediment, grease, silt and sludge.

We compliment this service with offering CCTV units for pipe and culvert inspections, evaluations and reporting. The use of CCTV enables us to monitor the condition of sewer and storm water pipes for blockages and deterioration. This helps us plan cleaning schedules and future maintenance works and limits the amount of unplanned downtime on site.

We have experienced operators for all industrial cleaning, sewer, drain and culvert clearing and cleaning purposes, including:
  • Cleaning sewer pipes, stormwater drains and culverts
  • Drain cleaning of silt, debris, blockages, roots and fats
  • Flood recovery works
  • Transportation and waste disposal
  • CCTV surveys to assess the condition of pipes
  • Reservoir and pump station cleaning
  • Gross pollutant trap cleaning
  • Tank, well and vessel cleaning

Are you in need of industrial cleaning and CCTV inspection? Patriot Environmental are up for the job. Get in touchto speak with our experts!

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