Bulk Liquid Transport

Patriots modernised fleet able to treat and manage a broad range of regulated and non-regulated wastes and materials

Patriot Environmental Management offers Bulk Liquid Transport, and is able to treat and manage a broad range of regulated and non-regulated wastes. These include quarantine and hazardous materials produced by the industrial and commercial sectors.

Our fleet of modern vacuum tankers range from 4,000L trucks used for the domestic market to 50,000L road trains servicing the mining and oil and gas industries for long haul camp and drill rig support. We compliment our liquid waste division with providing bulk potable and recycled water deliveries and offering ISO tanks for safe on site liquid waste storage solutions.

Patriot provides bulk liquid transport management for various liquid wastes including but not limited to:
  • Oily sludge and waters
  • Drill slurry, bentonites and muds
  • Effluents, septic and sewer
  • Hydrocarbon sludge
  • Leachates
  • Biological wastes
  • Bilge water and bulker wastes
  • Contaminated waters
  • Concrete slurry

Patriot is dedicated to providing safety and environmental solutions for your total waste management needs, and ensuring the long-term health and wellbeing of the community. Minimising environmental impact is fore-most in all of our activities, and we believe this reflects in the quality of our work and the success of our business.

We have adopted an Environmental Management Plan to underpin all our activities. An integrated quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system, guaranteeing the highest level of commitment to meeting Australian health, safety and environmental compliance standards in delivering your total waste management solutions.

View our commitment to the environment, occupational health and safety and quality management plan.

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