Disinfection Cleaning Services

Health Authorities warn that the Novel Coronavirus may persist for 5 days or longer on certain surfaces. As in Singapore, China, and the Philippines, we will soon be compelled to spray down every street and public outdoor surface on an ongoing basis for public safety.
Over 8 years of experience decontaminating public and private work areas

Patriot are ready, willing and able to serve you in the fight against COVID-19. For safe decontamination of outdoor spaces with minimal downtime, our pressure cleaning services are available for rapid deployment across Australia.

We provide highest-grade commercial and industrial cleaning solutions for external and open areas that may be contaminated with the Novel Coronavirus.

Environments which may be at risk include construction sites, industrial sites, freight or vehicle hubs, public (governmental) facilities and outdoor amenities of private businesses.

Patriot Environmental Management's disinfection division is dedicated to supplying high pressure disinfection units and combination jetting units for treatment of small, medium and large outdoor communal areas.

Our commitment is to provide an industry-leading service. We follow the highest levels of safety and hygiene as specified by the Australian Government's Department of Health. The result is efficient and cost effective with minimal downtime specifically for high-transit outdoor working environments and public spaces.

Our teams are experienced and fully trained in the use of highest-grade commercial disinfectants which also conform to environmental regulations. You can trust that the hospital-grade products used do not harm the environment and are completely safe for people returning to the treated area.


Daycare Centres, Schools & Universities
Daycare Disinfecting
Bus Terminals
& Shelters
bus shelter disinfecting
Rail Stations
& Platforms
train station disinfection services
Construction Sites &
Communal Areas
construction site disinfection
Shopping Centres
& Trolley Bays
shopping centre disinfecting
Roadways, Sidewalks
& Street Furniture
sidewalk disinfecting services
Shopfronts &
High Foot Traffic Zones
shopfront disinfection
Council Parks
& Playgrounds
disinfection services for play areas


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