Our Fleet

Our modern fleet of industry leading units consists of:

Our aim is to provide clients with the most efficient and reliable units on the market to ensure projects can be completed as safely, quickly, and cost-effectively as possible.

Please continue reading for a summary of the types of vehicles and trucks that make up Patriot's fleet throughout Australia.

Kroll Recycler 8x4

Bringing German technology to Australia, Kroll provide one of the most efficient Combination Water Recycling trucks for effective drain cleaning and vacuum recovery in the municipal market

Key Specs:

  • Tank
    • Material: 5mm AISI 304 Stainless Steel
    • Debris: Three position Piston 7,300 Litres - 5,800 Litres and 4,600 Litres
    • Water: Three position Piston 4,800 Litres - 3,500 Litres and 2,200 Litres
  • Chassis
    • Model: Scania G440 8x4 Euro 5, automatic transmission, full air suspension
    • GVM: 27,500 kg / 28,000 kg
    • Payload: 6,600 kg / 7,100 kg*
  • Jetting System
    • Pump: Pratissoli MK60 Triplex pump
    • Capacity: 346 l/min / 91 gpm at 170 bar / 2,465 psi
    • Hose reels: 1" hydraulically operated rear mounted hose reel with 180m jetting hose, hose layering system, automatic hose feeder, and hose metre counter 1/2" hydraulically operated rear mounted hose reel with 80m jetting hose
  • Vacuum System
    • Pump: CVS WR4000 liquid ring pump
    • Capacity: 4,000 m³/h / 2,355 cfm, 74% vacuum
    • Filtration: Cyclone air filtration system
  • Recycling System
    • Type: Continuous water recycling system with automated filter cleaning
  • Hydro Excavation System
    • Pump: Hydraulically driven triplex high pressure pump
    • Capacity: 20 l/min / 5 gpm at 275 bar / 4,000 psi
    • Hose reel: 3/8" retractable hose reel with 20m jetting hose

Larsen Recycler 414

Sewer cleaning unit designed for tasks where large amounts of water are needed and draining it from nearby facilities is not an option. Vacuum, jet and recycle simultaneously.

Key Specs

  • Tank: 3,079 UK gallons (14,000 liters)
  • Tank: 1 bar pressure approved
  • Jetting pump: Uraca 718, 85 UK gpm @ 2030 psi (390 l/min @ 140 bar)
  • 150 m 5/4", 50 m 3/4" and 60 m 1/2" thermoplastic jetting hoses
  • Vacuum pump: CVS VacuStar 1600, 5,756 UK gpm (26,166 l/min) @ 60% vacuum
  • 5" suction cassette with hydraulic lift and double telescopic arm
  • 5-step continuous water recycling with automatic PLC controlled level system

Cappellotto 6×4 Cap Combi 2600 CC Drain Cleaner

Main Applications

  • 6" Hydro Excavation
  • 1" Drain Cleaning
  • Pit Cleaning
  • Liquid Waste Removal

Key Specs

  • 6" Vacuum pump 2,822 m3/hr. Max. vacuum 95% (29" Hg) with overhead boom
  • 1" Water jetting pump 333 l/min @ 170 bar (2,465psi) 180m x 1" sewer hose
  • Combined vacuum and jetting hoses on boom with 270 degree rotation all from remote control
  • Hydro Excavation pump standard Class 'A' 17l/min @ 280 bar (4,060psi) with 80m of HP hose and S/S handgun or optional Class 'B' pumps available
  • Total tanks size 12,300L Corten steel, debris tank 8,000L & independent side water tank 4,300L
  • Sound Levels below 85 dB(A) at 1 metre at rear of unit (general working RPM at 1,000RPM)
  • Full function remote control
  • Volvo FE 320 6×4 2-pedal I-Shift Auto 6×4 chassis (other brands available)

Bell 6x4 Medium Hydro

Bell 6x4 Hydro-excavation machine is simply the best value-for-money Hydro-Excavation machine on the market. Fitted with the patented Jurop HELIX series vacuum system, this machine offers outstanding performance and efficiency with low noise outputs, the capability of deep vacuum and high performance air-velocity, whilst keeping payload and fuel economy at a maximum. A 7,500L debris and 3,000L STAINLESS STEEL water tank in the Bell sleeve design distributes the weight perfectly across all axles. This design feature grants a short wheelbase, enhancing driveability and reliability, whilst maintaining simplicity of operation.

Key Specs

  • Cab Chassis: Isuzu, Hino, Fuso, DAF, Hendrickson Airbag Suspension, Allison Auto
  • Debris Tank Volume: 7,500L 5mm STAINLESS STEEL
  • Water Tank Volume: 3,000L 5mm STAINLESS STEEL
  • Drive Unit: Allison Auto Transmission with Chelsea PTO
  • Vacuum Pump: Jurop HELIX-750 Air-Injection Blower. 4,150m3/Hr (2450cfm). 93% (28" HG) Max Vacuum.
  • Hydro Excavation: Class A 20L/min @ 4000psi (Optional Class B 7250psi)
  • Hose Reel: 20m Spring Retract Mechanical Reel
  • Suction Boom: Jurop DN150 Hydraulic Telescopic Boom
  • Filtration: Cyclone Shutoff, Screen Filter
  • Control Functionality: Control Panel or IMET Pendant Remote
  • Hydraulic Rear Door: Jurop Over-Centre clamping system with safety locking valves
  • Tank Hoist: Penta Tipping Cylinder 40deg
  • Lighting: LED Beacons and Work Lights
  • Safety: 3x System E-Stop (Panel, rear, remote), Handbrake Interlock/Alarm, PTO Switch, Low Water Level Alarm
  • Stowage Enclosure: Walk-in Type, Front mounted
  • Noise Output: 80dBA at rear
  • GVM/GCM: 24,000 / 45,000

CCTV Pipe Inspection Vehicles

Our state-of-the-art fleet of pipe and conduit inspection vehicles have been designed specifically to assess the structural condition and serviceability of pipes or conduits simply and effectively. These vehicles are equipped with a broad range of cameras, allowing us to survey pipes from 40mm up to 3m.

Our CCTV Equipment Includes:

  • iPek Rovion CCTV Systems
  • Can CCTV pipes from 100mm to 3m +
  • 500m of camera cable
  • 200m extension reels for manholes with no vehicle access
  • Built in sondes to locate the alignment, depth & points of interest
  • Inclination reporting
  • Pearpoint push cameras (for pipes 40mm to 100mm)
  • 4WD CCTV vehicles available


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